The power to lead your digital transformation

The business environment has never been more competitive. To succeed, organizations need the perspective and expertise to deliver what customers and employees expect from them in the digital world.

That’s precisely what we provide. Our end-to-end solution give you the insights you need to lead your digital transformation without worrying about underlying infrastructure, costs or maintenance.

Verithings turns sensor data into Intelligence

Thingsweb - Our end-to-end IoT solution enables you to easily and securely connect and manage millions of devices. You can gather data from, run sophisticated analytics on, and take actions in real-time on a diverse fleet of sensors and devices.

Thingsweb is based on open, industry-standard technologies and can be scaled in a seamless and future-proof way.

As the number of connected devices increase, so does the demand for reliable security. The importance of security cannot be stressed enough. Thingsweb is built with industry-standard security technologies and utilize end-to-end encryption for your data. Using smart provisioning and automatic key management we eliminate risks of human error. You don’t have to choose between high security and a smooth, painless deployment.

Facility intelligence

How much of your office space is unoccupied or under-utilized? Studies show that 50 percent of seats in meeting rooms go unused and up to 40 percent of scheduled meetings are no-shows. Using smart IoT sensors, Thingsweb lets you monitor your office space utilization in real-time and use it more efficiently.

Thingsweb is making it possible to access data about everything from temperature and air quality to equipment usage in real time. It’s easier than ever to control and monitor a facility. The collected data allows facility management teams to be more effective in preventing issues and reduces the time spent on repairs and regular maintenance tasks.

Logistics intelligence

In order to remain competitive in an era of evolving global consumer security expectations, companies will need to introduce integrated intelligence into products and processes.

Thingsweb provides real-time monitoring of position, vehicle status and goods data. Allowing increased customer transparency and process efficiency.

Asset intelligence

A wide range of businesses benefit from asset tracking not only because it prevents theft, loss and damage. Since assets comprise such a large percentage of a company’s holdings, asset management is essential for meeting compliance and industry standard regulations.

Thingsweb offers an asset tracking solution that delivers real-time data to help you keep track off your assets and get the right equipment, in the right place, in the right time

Ready for takeoff?

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